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9/18/2008 - Added a new feature to the MP3 can now listen to the MP3s directly from my site! Just click on "Play" for the song you want to hear, and enjoy the music :)
9/16/2008 - Thanks to Alina again, there are 3 MORE new MP3s :) Remember to check out both the General MP3s and the Movie MP3s!
9/15/2008 - Thanks to DC Message Board member Alina, I have added 3 new MP3s in the General MP3 section. Thanks Alina!!
4/26/2008 - It's been a while since I've updated the MP3 section, but thanks to a new request from board member Alina, there is a new MP3 - "Rock Around The Clock" which was used as the opening for The 50's illusion :)
4/14/2008 - Added new Fan Gallery for Marika
1/11/2007 - Sorry for the lack of updates in the past few months...I have been extremely busy with work and have not have any time to update the site at all. I was even planning on a new SethPark before the holidays but did not get to it :( I promise I will try to find more time to update this site more frequently this year :)
11/29/2006 - As many of you have already noticed, a portion of my site was hacked earlier last week, and as a result, the entire MP3 collection was offline for a few days. Just letting you all know that everything is ok and back online now, so please enjoy the MP3s :)
8/31/2006 - David's 50th Birthday Present has been completed! Check it out in the Other Goodies, FANtastic Creations section :)
8/16/2006 - The Birthday Present deadline has passed, so I am not accepting anymore entries. A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who participated and sent in a photo for the present. I will now take abou 2 weeks to finish laminating and look for a good option to bind all of these together, and possibly design a decent cover page for the book. I'll post updates as I make progress on the project :)
6/29/2006 - Added a new Fan Gallery for David (no, not Copperfield)
6/23/2006 - BRAND NEW PHOTO GALLERIES. Finally, after months of no updates, the Photo Galleries have been updated!! All photos are now hosted via Google's Picasa Web Album, which makes is so much easier to view. I hope it makes it a better experience for all of you :) Enjoy!
5/25/2006 - Added new MP3 - Would You - which is used during the Thirteen audience search (Thanks to MusicGuy and Allie!)
4/13/2006 - Random Header Graphics! :) Currently, there are 3 different header graphics that are randomly used on every page. Thanks to Norma for her rose-themed graphic, and thanks to Sebastien for his Intimate Evening of Grand Illusion-themed graphic
3/16/2006 - Added several new songs to the Fan Music page under Other Goodies, FANtastic Creations. Thanks to Claudia and Ines!
3/16/2006 - Added a new MP3 in the General Songs page - Shake Your Tail Feather
3/16/2006 - Added a new MP3 page for Preshow Music. Since David's crew changes their pre-show music often, I will not be able to keep this page updated, but if you know of any pre-show music songs that David is using, and you know the name and artist, let me know, I'll see if I can track it down and add it to the page :)
1/26/2006 - New blog entry containing show review and pics with Chris Kenner and David Copperfield :) Check it out under Other Goodies!
1/25/2006 - Added a Blog page under the Other Goodies section.
1/11/2006 - Once again, thanks to Koji for his latest set of Exact Edit MP3s! This time it's for the illusion Lotto Prediction :) You can find the 4-part set in the MP3s section, on the Exact Edits page. Thanks Koji!
1/2/2006 - Added 18 pictures into Ana's Fan Gallery :)
12/30/2005 - Thanks to Koji again :) I've added 4 new MP3s into the Exact Edit section - 1)Amazon Ritual, 2)Squeezebox 2005 Version, 3)Thirteen Audience Search, and 4)Thru Steel. Enjoy!
12/27/2005 - BRAND NEW SETHPARK EPISODE called SethPark Christmas Classics! It's under Other Goodies, FANtastic Creations, then SethPark. Enjoy! :)
12/14/2005 - Added a new Fan Gallery for Sita
12/14/2005 - Added a new Fan Gallery for Antonio
12/12/2005 - THANK YOU NORMA!!!! Norma, who is a very dear friend, has graciously volunteered her time into creating a new header for TheMagicOfDC :) The new logo integrates David's eye, beautiful roses which brings back memories of David's famous Floating Rose routine, as well as the quote after Flying in the 15 Years of Magic Special. It shows a much more romantic side to David's style of magic than what I'm capable of designing :) Norma, you're the best!
12/12/2005 - Since so many people have been asking me about the DVD collection on the home page, I've added a new page under FANtastic Creations which explains where the DVDs came from
12/12/2005 - Added a new MP3 - "Liberation" - used during the Amazon Ritual
11/13/2005 - Added a new pic into the Autograph gallery
11/13/2005 - Added a new pic into SebAx's Fan Gallery
11/11/2005 - Added a new Fan Gallery for Tobias
11/9/2005 - Added a new section for "Fan Music" under FANtastic Creations
11/9/2005 - A lot of Photo Galleries updated: - Autographs - Backstage Passes - Magazine Covers - Posters - Drawings & Artwork - Fan Galleries (Amax, Amy, Angela, Birgit, Claudia, Evelien, JohnM, Pesci, SebAx)
11/9/2005 - New Photo Galleries: - Ads & Public Announcements - Fan Galleries (Amax, Compmouse, SebAx)
11/9/2005 - BRAND NEW LOOK! Changed menu structure a lot to make it easier for navigation; most popular areas are now more easily accessible, such as MP3s and Photo Galleries
11/1/2005 - Added a new iPod Video - Michael Jackson's "Liberian Girl" MTV, in which David Copperfield made a quick cameo appearance :)
10/27/2005 - The Coppermobile page has been updated with pics of David seeing (and sitting in) the Coppermobile :)
10/26/2005 - Added a new page for owners of the new 5th Generation iPod (iPod Video) - download clips you can view on your iPod (sorry, no illusions though)! Under Multimedia, iPod Videos
10/26/2005 - Added 5 more MP3s from the movie soundtrack of "Legend of Bagger Vance", all used during the Lotto Prediction illusion.
10/13/2005 - A well-known member of the official David Copperfield Forum, MagicMouse, created her own Coppermobile, and has given me permission to feature it on TheMagicOfDC! Check it out under The Goodies :)
9/30/2005 - Added 7 more MP3s into the Movie Soundtracks page (new MP3s have their info highlighted in RED). Enjoy! and as always, thanks Koji!
9/28/2005 - New MP3 has been added into the Exact Edit page. This time, it's for the VOYEUR illusion. Thanks Koji!
9/3/2005 - Added a bunch of photos of the actual UDCIA, which can be seen via the link at the bottom of the UDCIA page.
8/31/2005 - Added a page under The Goodies dedicated to Angela's The Unofficial David Copperfield International Archive (The UDCIA)
7/20/2005 - Yet ANOTHER person is thinking that I am serious about the Illusion Secrets! What's with these people? LOL. I have posted his email to me on the Illusions Secrets page :)
7/14/2005 - Thanks to all of you, the guestbook page has grown to an incredible size, so I've added a paging ability to break it down to 20 entries per page. Easier and faster viewing :) Thanks again everyone!
7/12/2005 - Added the capture of the title screen for each TV special
7/5/2005 - Woohoo! Finally completed all the screen captures for the TV Illusion pages :) Hope you guys enjoy the pics!
6/29/2005 - Thanks to Koji, I've added 3 more Exact Edits in the MP3 section for Big Black Box, Slicer, and Squeezebox. Enjoy!
6/27/2005 - Added a new page - "TV/Movie Appearances" under "About David" Any help to keep this new page updated would be greatly appreciated!! :)
6/26/2005 - Updates on the TV Illusions pages are done...for now. I don't have specials 6, 7, and 10 ready for screen capture yet. So, for now, I hope you all enjoy the other specials' screen caps :)
6/22/2005 - Added a new Short Story - 'Journey of a Lifetime' by AngelaH, in the Creative Writing section
6/20/2005 - Major updating going on the Illusions Performed On TV page. I'm adding 3 small screencaps for EACH illusion performed. It's going to take me a while to update this section, so please bear with me as the construction phase completes.
5/5/2005 - New picture gallery - screen catptures for the Escape From Alcatraz illusion
5/2/2005 - Added a new Fan Gallery for "JamieLyn", who contributed 1 pic :)
5/1/2005 - Added a new MP3 section - Exact Edits, which is where you can find MP3s that has been edited down to the exact version which David Copperfield uses in his performances. Enjoy!
4/5/2005 - Since the MP3 page was growing so large, I have seperated it into 2 pages - 1 for Movie Soundtracks only, and the other is just general songs not part of a movie soundtrack. I will be adding a page for MP3s specifically edited to match the customized mix that David uses during his performance. Stay tuned :)
3/27/2005 - Updated the Illusions (TV) page. Don't know how I forgot to list the International Tornado of Fire special! Also, removed a link to Allison's Backstage since Allison no longer runs a Copperfield site :(
3/27/2005 - MP3 list updated to allow customized sorting. To sort by a specific column, click on the arrows next to the column name. Also, all MP3s added within the last week (7 days) will have its details show in red. Hope that helps.
3/27/2005 - MAJOR MP3 Update! Thanks to the tremendous contribution from our good friend MagicMouse (Ines), the MP3 collection has grown by 48 new songs! Go check it out!
3/6/2005 - Added a new MP3 - "So Far So Good" by Sheena Easton, used during the Sailing Montage in the Bermuda Triangle special
2/26/2005 - Added a new MP3 - "Come Fly With Me", used during the Levitating A Woman illusion (part of the China special)
1/11/2005 - Added a new Fan Gallery for Nik
1/7/2005 - Added a new MP3 - "Mercy Street", by Peter Gabriel, used in the Origami illusion
1/7/2005 - Fixed 2 MP3 listings..."Smooth Criminal" is by Alien Ant Farm, not Michael Jackson; "Win" is by Brian McKnight, not R Kelly. Thanks to Brad, who emailed me and notified me of the mistakes :)
1/6/2005 - Added 2 MP3s from the "Aliens" movie soundtrack - "Main Title" and "Bishop's Countdown", both are used in the Deathsaw illusion
12/12/2004 - Our friend Oaktyp11 has once again provided me with another MP3, this time it is the music used during the Anthrax illusion : )
12/11/2004 - Our good friend Oaktyp11, from the official message board, has very generously provided me the MP3s for music used during the Lottery illusion, as well as the Through Steel illusion. They are now in the MP3 section of the website. Thanks Oaktyp11 !!
12/11/2004 - Added a new Fan Gallery for Daniel. Nice meet-and-greet pictures :)
12/10/2004 - I'm in the process of trying to get someone's permission to post the music used during the Lottery illusion as well as Through Steel.
11/15/2004 - I added a site meter last week, which you guys can access by clicking on the logo on the bottom left.
9/21/2004 - Added 9 more pictures to Bert's Fan Gallery. Nice photos of the presentation of a fan-made award and David's birthday celebration!
9/19/2004 - Added 7 new photos to a new Fan Gallery for Bert (aka Yegs)
9/19/2004 - (correction) Added 4 new pics to JohnM's Fan Gallery
9/19/2004 - Added 4 new pics to JohnM's Fan
9/10/2004 - Added 4 new TV appearances happening the week of 9/13/04
8/2/2004 - Added 2 new MP3s, thanks to "Morty" from the DCMB. 1) ''Sunglasses At Night'' - Crystal Smoke Chamber, and 2) ''One More Chance'' - Shadowbox
7/29/2004 - Added a new MP3 - U2's ''Where The Streets Have No Name'' - used as the entrance music for the Niagra Falls TV Special
4/25/2004 - oops...Added a new picture in the Autograph Gallery, submitted by Dolphin
4/25/2004 - Added a new picture in the
4/25/2004 - Added a new Fan Gallery for "Dolphin"
4/13/2004 - Brand-new, High-Quality MP3s section now online
3/23/2004 - Added a new MP3 from the soundtrack of North by Northwest, used in the Barclay House illusion
3/23/2004 - Added a new MP3, Who Loves You, used in the Attic illusion
3/23/2004 - Uploaded a new MP3 - Chariots of Fire, used during Slo-Mo Duck
3/22/2004 - Added a new Fan Gallery for Amy
3/22/2004 - Added 2 new pictures into Jerry's Fan Gallery
2/2/2004 - Added 2 new Truck Sightings pictures from Donnie
1/14/2004 - Added a new Fan Gallery for JohnM
1/13/2004 - (sorry I haven't updated the site in a while, I'm working on redesigning the entire site)
1/13/2004 - New Fan Gallery from Marusya :)
10/19/2003 - New Creative Writing from SensatiableSin - "Poem for Him"
10/19/2003 - New Creative Writing from SensatiableSin - "In the Reflection of a Moon"
10/19/2003 - NEW GALLERY - Posters
10/19/2003 - Added new pictures to the Fan Gallery for Angela
10/19/2003 - Added a new Fan Gallery - IOUPal
7/15/2003 - Updated the Fan Galleries for Angela and Jon
7/15/2003 - Added a new Fan Gallery - John
7/15/2003 - Added a new Today Show gallery
7/15/2003 - Added more pictures to the Magazine Covers gallery
7/15/2003 - Added more pictures to the Autographs gallery
7/15/2003 - Added a new Fan Gallery - Sean
7/15/2003 - Added a new Fan Gallery - Jerry
7/15/2003 - Added a new Fan Gallery - Donnie
7/15/2003 - Added a new picture gallery - TICKETS
7/7/2003 - Added A BUNCH of upcoming TV appearances. Start setting up your VCR's!!
7/2/2003 - Added a new page of what happened at the Today Show appearance
6/19/2003 - Elizabeth sent in a new theory on the secret of "13"
6/16/2003 - Added a new TV appearance, thanks to Kelly
6/3/2003 - Added 2 more fan-made sites to the Links page
6/3/2003 - 2 new TV appearances added
6/2/2003 - Links page was updated (several were removed, 1 new site was added)
5/28/2003 - 5 new pictures added to Michael's Fan Gallery; 2 new pics in the Truck Sightings Gallery
5/1/2003 - Added a "Website Statistics" page under the "TheMagicOfDC" menu
4/28/2003 - Added a "Silly Feedback" area to the Illusions Secrets page, lol
4/20/2003 - New pic added to the Funny Stuff gallery - David CopperGrinch, lol
4/15/2003 - Added a new pic to the Funny Stuff gallery
4/3/2003 - Sushma submitted a new pic for the Truck Sighting gallery
4/3/2003 - Added a new Fan Gallery for Sushma
4/1/2003 - Added "David's Letter" under the Project Magic section
4/1/2003 - Added a small Project Magic Contacts/Links big whoop...
4/1/2003 - The COMPLETED fan fiction from Sensatiable Sin - "The Impossible Dream" - has finally been posted...185 pages!! Read it under The Goodies, Creative Writings
3/31/2003 - Angela submitted 2 new Creative Writings - "Burning Hearts" and "Dreamscapes"
3/31/2003 - Angela submitted a Crossword Puzzle for Copperfield Games
3/31/2003 - Angela submitted a Word Search for Copperfield Games
3/31/2003 - Added a new "Copperfield Games" section under the Goodies
3/29/2003 - New pictures in the following galleries: Truck Sightings, Drawings Artwork, Ana, and Aussie
3/29/2003 - New Fan Galleries: Jason2, Marcus, and Norman
3/28/2003 - Added the Weekly DC Chat to the Goodies menu
3/28/2003 - Disabled right-click
3/28/2003 - Thanks to Allison, I've added a list of illusions performed by David on tour
3/28/2003 - New Truck Sightings pics
3/28/2003 - New fan gallery from Michael
3/28/2003 - Back online again!!! Finally!!! I will start updating new photos and creative writings this weekend.
2/10/2003 - New pictures in the Magazine Cover gallery and a new TShirt in the Clothing gallery, all provided by Angela
2/5/2003 - New chapters to Sensatiable Sin's Creative Writing - "The Impossible Dream" (now 126 pages)
1/31/2003 - Added a new Fan Gallery for Kelly, containing original designs of Copperfield CD covers
1/31/2003 - Newest addition to Sensatiable Sin's Creative Writing - "The Impossible Dream" - has been posted (119 pages and growing!)
1/28/2003 - Added new pictures to the following galleries: Autographs, Backstage Passes, and Angela's fan gallery
1/28/2003 - BRAND NEW GALLERY - "Magazine Covers"!! Thanks to Angela, who sent in 48 unique magazine covers all featureing DC. Check it out!
1/21/2003 - Sensatiable Sin's Creative Writing - "The Impossible Dream..." has been updated from 101 pages to 115 pages
1/20/2003 - Added 3 pictures to Jennifer's Fan Gallery
1/6/2003 - Added a lot of new pictures to Henry's Fan Gallery
1/6/2003 - Posted the latest update to Mystikallen's Creative Writing - "Desert's Passion"
1/2/2003 - Robert W. alerted me to an incorrect link to Ticketmaster, I have corrected it with the link he provided.
12/29/2002 - Added a new Creative Writing by AngelaH - "The Magic of Magic"
12/27/2002 - Added a new Creative Writing by AngelaH - "Thicker Than Water"
12/24/2002 - Added a new Fan Gallery for Erzsi
12/17/2002 - Added a new pic in Carrie's Fan Gallery
12/11/2002 - Added a new pic into the Backstage Passes gallery, thanks to Pesci
12/10/2002 - SethPark - The Holiday Special is now online
12/9/2002 - Added 2 new images to Ruben's fan gallery
12/3/2002 - Added 2 new Truck Sightings pics from Tom Clark
12/3/2002 - Added a Creative Writing for SensatiableSin - "The Impossible Dream..."
12/2/2002 - Added a new TV appearance
11/25/2002 - Created Fan Gallery for Ruben; added a DC Autograph pic for Ruben
11/24/2002 - Added 2 new TV schedules on Bravo
11/24/2002 - The David Letterman clips under Goodies have been moved into Multimedia/Videos
11/21/2002 - *** MULTIMEDIA has been relocated under GOODIES ***
11/21/2002 - Changed the menu system on the top & created a new header graphic (still Laser though)
11/20/2002 - Added a new Short Story by Mezzogal in the Creative Writings section
11/19/2002 - Added 3 more poems by SensatiableSin to the "Creative Writings" section
11/17/2002 - Added 3 new poems by SensatiableSin in "Creative Writings"
11/14/2002 - "Fan Fictions" was renamed to "Creative Writings"; posted new submission from AngelaH
11/14/2002 - Added 1 new Backstage Pass picture and 1 new Button picture, both submitted by Angela
11/14/2002 - Added 6 FanFic submissions from AngelaH
11/14/2002 - Re-organized the Goodies section
11/13/2002 - Added a new Fan Fictions section under Goodies. Check it out!
11/11/2002 - Added a new TV appearance for 12/05/02
11/10/2002 - Added 2 scheduled TV appearances in the coming 2 weeks
10/24/2002 - Happy Birthday To Me, Happy Birthday To Me, Happy Birthday Dear Tonykoisthenicestandmosthandsomeguyintheworld, Happy Birthday To Me! ...sorry, had to get it out of my system...
10/14/2002 - Posted 3 new pictures in Carrie's Fan Gallery
10/11/2002 - Happy Birthday to Chris Kenner!! :)
10/3/2002 - Added some new pics to the Public Appearances gallery of David at the Houdini Stamp Ceremony :)
9/30/2002 - Added Fan Gallery for Carrie
9/30/2002 - Added 2 more pics to Angela's gallery
9/29/2002 - Added 4 more Tour Programs, coutesy of the one and only UDCA Keeper
9/29/2002 - Added a picture gallery for the 2002 China Tour.
9/29/2002 - ANGELA ROCKS!!! Thanks to Angela's contributions, I have added two new galleries - Show Programs and Tour Programs, both filled with some nice scans of David's program books. Enjoy!
9/29/2002 - Added new pictures to Angela's and Ana's galleries; Added pictures to the Autographs and Clothing gallery
9/29/2002 - Added link to Project Magic Germany on my PM page
9/29/2002 - Added about 100 pictures to the Public Appearances gallery
9/28/2002 - FINALLY HAD TIME TO UPDATE THE GALLERIES!! Added pics to the following galleries: COLLECTIBLES - Autographs, Clothing; FAN - Ana, Angela, Claudia, Henry, Janet, Jano, Pesci; GENERAL - Different Looks, Drawings Artwork, Miscellaneous. Enjoy!
8/23/2002 - Added a new MP3 used during Lotto Prediction
7/21/2002 - Added several TV appearances
6/24/2002 - New opening page graphic taken from a decal of "Magic Man"
6/7/2002 - Added new AIM Buddy Icons
6/6/2002 - NEW! David Copperfield Buddy Icons for AOL Instant Messenger! Check them out in the Goodies section!
5/22/2002 - New pics in the following galleries: Backstage Passes, Angela
5/22/2002 - New pics in the following galleries: Autographs, Drawings Artwork, Pins Buttons Coins, Christiane, Christopher, and Jessica.
5/20/2002 - Started a new Fan Gallery for Jessica
5/20/2002 - 4 more new pics from Christiane
5/10/2002 - 3 new pics in Walther's Gallery
5/10/2002 - Made a new "Collectibles" category in galleries and moved a few galleries into the new category.
5/10/2002 - Thanks to the generous contributions from the UDCA Keeper, I have added a "Clothing" Gallery.
5/9/2002 - Updated the Autographs gallery and added a new "Drawings & Artwork" Gallery :)
5/7/2002 - 5 new pics in Christiane's Fan Gallery
5/6/2002 - New Truck Sighting from Pesci; New (rare) Terror Train pic from Rachel; 3 new pics from Ana
4/29/2002 - DAVID COPPERFIELD ON TV! 5/4/02 on the Biography Channel (Thanks Angela!)
4/29/2002 - New Truck Sighting from Rachel
4/25/2002 - Added picture counters to the Picture Gallery menu page
4/25/2002 - New MP3, New pictures in Stamps, Backstage Passes, and Pins Buttons Coins galleries
4/18/2002 - Updated the Links page to include "Dreams and Nightmares"
4/17/2002 - Added a new Picture Gallery of Pins, Buttons, and Coins. Images were generous provided by Angela :-)
4/15/2002 - Added a new Backstage Pass, submitted by Angela
4/9/2002 - Added a new TV appearance schedule
3/22/2002 - Added new Fan Submission gallery for Jennifer.
3/22/2002 - Thanks to the wonderful contribution from The UDCA, there is now a new gallery - Backstage Passes :)
3/20/2002 - New Autograph pic - rare MagicMan playbill, signed using the whole name!
3/18/2002 - Added 2 new Truck Sighting pics and one new Autograph pic
3/1/2002 - Added MPEG clip of MTV Celebrity Deathmatch - Copperfield vs Blaine.
2/28/2002 - Added a MPEG clip of the Good Day Live interview
2/26/2002 - Added new Fan pics from Christiane and Teresa
2/21/2002 - Added new Fan pics from Aussie, Christiane, Jon, Pesci, and Teresa
2/21/2002 - Added new Truck Sightings pics
2/21/2002 - Added new Autograph pics
2/21/2002 - SethPark the Trilogy - Episode I DEBUTS!!!
1/28/2002 - FINALLY!! All the functionalities are back :) The move to the new server is complete!!
1/11/2002 - New pictures submitted by Christiane in the photo gallery
12/18/2001 - Added new Fan Submission gallery for Christiane.
12/18/2001 - Added some snowflakes :)
12/10/2001 - Added a new "Funny Stuff" gallery :)
12/3/2001 - Added new Fan Submission gallery pics for Ana.
12/3/2001 - Added new Fan Submission gallery pics for Ana.
12/1/2001 - Added "Night of Miracles" auction announcement
11/27/2001 - Added new Fan Submission gallery pics for Ania and Birgit. Check it out!
11/27/2001 - Added a new TV appearance for 12/4/2001
11/15/2001 - Re-worded the menus; added a What's New page; fixed a lot of behind-the-scenes problems
11/13/2001 - Added a wonderful charcoal drawing of DC submitted by Monique. Check it out in Multimedia/Pictures!!
11/9/2001 - Added several MP3s to the Multimedia section
11/8/2001 - Added several MP3s to the Multimedia section
11/7/2001 - Added the "David Copperfield Dream Portal" to the Links page
10/22/2001 - Added a new TOF Screen Saver under The Goodies
9/14/2001 - Due to terrorist activities, and out of respect for the victims, the Emmy Awards Ceremony has been postponed. No further date has been given.
8/28/2001 - Added 2 Guyana stamps in the Stamps gallery
8/17/2001 - Some new picture galleries have been added - NYC Penthouse, Nevada Warehouse, and Stamps
8/9/2001 - Added a new picture gallery for David's NYC apartment :)
8/6/2001 - New theory on how "Tides" is performed :P
8/3/2001 - New theory on the secret of "Thirteen" - see Beth's theory in TheSecrets section
7/30/2001 - New theory on the secret of "Flying" - see Flying #3 in TheSecrets section :)
7/13/2001 - Friday the 13th...bad luck to do any updates.
7/12/2001 - TOF has been nominated for an Emmy!
7/9/2001 - Added a new MP3
6/23/2001 - Made small adjustment to background color; updated menu w/ pic of David...WORKING ON A NEW LAYOUT and some new sections...stay tuned!
6/11/2001 - Added another MP3 to my collection :)
6/9/2001 - Added 2 new interview transcripts under The Goodies
6/9/2001 - Added 2 new MP3s
5/30/2001 - Henry contributed 4 new images to the Fan Submission gallery;
5/30/2001 - Added 2 Upcoming TV notices
5/29/2001 - Added 3 new pics to Angela's Fan Submission gallery
5/29/2001 - Added a new MP3 - Theme to "Vertigo", used in the Barclay House illusion.
5/29/2001 - Added new MP3 of "Hypnotize Me" into TheMusic page.
5/18/2001 - Added an online chat transcript from USA Today. It's under The Goodies section.
5/17/2001 - Added 3 new pics to Angela's Fan Submission gallery
5/14/2001 - Great new fan-submitted images!! Walther sent some really nice images, and Rowell sent an awesome autograph pic. Check them out!
5/9/2001 - Added a few new pics to Fan Submissions gallery (Angela and also Henry),
5/5/2001 - Added new MP3 for the music used in The Laser
5/5/2001 - Added pics to several fan galleries - Angela, Aussie, and Jason.
5/4/2001 - Added 5 more MP3s to The Music gallery :)
5/2/2001 - Added a new MP3 - Wonderful World, used in the illusion "Poultry In Motion."
5/1/2001 - Added Michael Jackson's "Liberian Girl" MTV to TheMultimedia / TheVideo.
5/1/2001 - I have added screen captures of David floating across the Grand Canyon. It's under TheMutimedia / ThePictures / TV Captures.
4/29/2001 - I FINALLY GOT IT! The "Flying David Copperfield" Windows screensaver :-) It's under TheGoodies. THANKS JEREMY!
4/29/2001 - Added 2 video clips - "Talk of the Town" interview (3/28/01), and the new "Portal" tour commercial. Look under TheMultimeda / TheVideos.
4/25/2001 - Added a transcript for an interview David did back in 1998 with ET Online. It's under The Goodies
4/25/2001 - Added a lot of images to the galleries.
4/24/2001 - Added an AWESOME fan gallery from Chad, who is the artist of 4 VERY IMPRESSIVE drawings of David! Check it out!
4/24/2001 - Added a new fan-submitted video montage in The Multimedia / The Videos. Uses Faith Hill's 'Breathe' as the music...quite a different, but very nice, feel for David
4/22/2001 - Henry contributed more images to the Fan Submission gallery; TheMultimedia/TheMusic has been redone for cosmetics purposes as well as seeing what's new.
4/20/2001 - Added the correct track from "American President" soundtrack for the illusion "One"
4/19/2001 - Added a new MP3 to Multimedia/Music ("South Side", used in current tour for the opening "Shadow Box" illusion)
4/18/2001 - I added submenus to The Multimedia to directly link to video/music/pictures. (so it's a TINY update, sue me). I'm working on adding a new "The Articles" section under Multimedia which will have all the articles about David I have collected. Stayed tuned for updates on that.
4/15/2001 - Added new images to the Autographs gallery.
4/15/2001 - Finally added the TRL interview from 4/3/01 (I procrastinated, sue me). It's under Multimedia/Video
4/15/2001 - Due to search engine problems, the site has been re-designed to avoid the usage of frames. Hope you all like it! …hopefully the search engines can crawl through and index it correctly now!
4/9/2001 - Posted a nice fan-submitted video collage under TheMultimedia/TheVideo
4/8/2001 - New submissions for the secrets to "Splitting Image" and "Island" ... pretty funny stuff!
4/7/2001 - Added two David Letterman pages (TOF Disclaimer & Top Ten List) to "The Goodies" section.
4/5/2001 - Added clips from "CBS 2 Nightcast" and "Entertainment Tonight"; Tornado Of Fire TV Capture now includes "Island" and "Tornado of Fire"
4/4/2001 - Corrected the hit counter based on monthly reports from ISP
4/4/2001 - Got over 100 screen captures from Tornado Of Fire...Still need to finish captureing Island and Tornado of Fire...coming soon :)
4/2/2001 - Added clips from "The View," "New York Live," and "Entertainment Tonight"
4/2/2001 - FAN SUBMISSION Gallery just grew - Henry sent more pictures from Taiwan.
3/30/2001 - FAN SUBMISSION Gallery just grew - Henry sent some pictures from Taiwan; Angela sent almost the entire collection of TV Guide ads.
3/20/2001 - Added clip from The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
3/29/2001 - Posted the CBS Promos in "The Multimedia", "The Videos"
3/29/2001 - "The Illusions" section is now up; Posted about 5 more MP3s into "The Multimedia" section.
3/26/2001 - Great pics submitted by Angela (The UDCA Keeper) can now be found in The Mutimedia / The Pictures / Fan Submissions.
3/24/2001 - Added the Mitch Albom interview video clip.
3/23/2001 - Remember to sign-up for the mailing list! (under The Goodies)
3/22/2001 - Added the Superbowl XXXV prediction clip from The Early Show.
3/21/2001 - Moved the galleries into ""The Multimedia"" as well; Removed background music due to poor quality and long download time.
3/21/2001 - hanged ""The Music"" to ""The Multimedia""; Moved all video clips to the new section; MP3 archive is now online.
3/20/2001 - Added background music; Added this ""Latest News"" section to provide the latest site updates; Added a ""FAN SUBMISSIONS"" gallery (so far it only contains pictures submitted by Aussie).
3/20/2001 - The server was down for approximately 1 hour during Monday Night Chat. Sorry if anyone was trying to visit!
3/19/2001 - O(+> provided a DIVX encoded video clip of David's SNL suriprise appearance.
3/16/2001 - Posted MPEG clip of David's guest appearance on Conan O'Brien.
3/13/2001 - IT'S ALIVE!! IT'S ALIVE!! :) This site officially went online.

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